Renault Kangoo ZE


The Kangoo ZE is an all-electric compact commercial van that comes in two options: Express and Maxi. The Kangoo Express ZE seats two passengers and has a curb weight of 1520kg.

The Kangoo Express ZE can carry 650kg or 3.5m2 of cargo. he Kangoo Maxi ZE will have a wheelbase that is about 15 in longer and will be available in a 5-seat format. The Maxi ZE is about $3,000 more than the Kangoo Express ZE.  Both Kangoo ZEs are powered by a 44kW (70hp) electric motor. The Kangoo ZE will have four recharge options, including regular (4-8 hours), wall-mount (4-8 hours), fast (10 minutes for 30 miles), and quick-drop (3 minutes, available in Israel and Denmark in 2011). Renault is now taking reservations for the Kangoo ZE, which will cost £16,990 (about $27,000 US) plus a monthly battery lease fee of £59 (about $95 US).


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Cars & Trucks




100 mi


Now Available

Top Speed:

81 mph

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Renault Kangoo Van Z.E.
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The Green Car Website
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