Ford Transit Connect EV


Based on the popular Ford Transit Connect van platform from Europe, the Transit Connect EV has a liquid-cooled 28 kWh Li-Ion battery pack in the floorboard, taking up space where the gas tank would be. The batteries don’t take up any extra space, giving the van 135 cubic feet of cargo space, just as in the gasoline-powered model. The all electric van can accelerate at the same rate as it’s gasoline-powered counterpart and can reach a top speed of 75 mph. Ford is also developing a passenger version of the Transit Connect EV, the Tourneo Connect EV. Ford has parnterned with Azure Dynamics to build the Transit Connect EV. Ford began shipping the Transit Connect EV to customers in North America and Britain in December 2010.



Vehicle Type:

Commercial Vehicles




80 mi


Now Available

Top Speed:

75 mph

Price (USD):


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