Ford Focus Electric


The Focus Electric is based on Ford’s next generation Focus body. The vehicle is powered by 23 kWh of Li-ion batteries with active liquid cooling. The Focus Electric will communicate with the owners smart phone via MyFord Mobile. The inside of the Focus Electric consists of two LCD screens with Microsoft Sync and MyFord Touch. Using the five-way buttons on the steering wheel, you can customize your view in the two 4.2-inch LCD instrument cluster screens to show your battery charge status, distance to the next charging station and more. The Focus Electric’s seats contain 100% post industrial recycled material and the cushions use a bio-based polyurethane foam derived from the oils of various plant seeds such as soybeans.

The Ford Focus EV is available in select US markets. For ordering information, please visit


Vehicle Type:

Cars & Trucks




76 mi


Now Available

Top Speed:

100 mph

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