Duracar – QUICC!

DuraCar is an innovative enterprise, focusing on the development and production of sustainable transportation solutions for city and intra-city traffic. Our core activity is the design and building of the first electrically powered lightweight plastic cars under brand name QUICC!

The first type built by DuraCar is a specially designed city distribution van: the QUICC! DiVa (DistributionVan). The QUICC!DiVa is our solution for authorities and fleet managers to tackle current mobility problems. At the beginning of the 21st century we are facing huge problems because of:
  1. increasing pressure on the environment by the emission of damaging exhaust gasses (PM10s, nitrogen and CO2)
  2. rising costs of energy, resulting in an increase in the variable costs per kilometre
  3. reduced accessibility of inner cities, due to increasing pressure and increasing political steps to reduce urban accessibility for cars.


It is not surprising that the demand for sustainable transportation solutions has increased over the past few years. At the same time, technology and especially battery technology has improved importantly. Those are important pre-conditions for the successful commercial proto that DuraCar is building right now. We are aiming at a fast implementation of new technology within a flexible production environment and a sophisticated network of partners.

Our first is the QUICC! DiVa: the first affordable, electrically powered distribution van with zero emissions, negligible cost of fuel and properties that will make driving, especially in city traffic, a pleasure.

DuraCar will be producing the QUICC! on different locations in the proximity of its markets. In Germany, it was planned to be manufactured in collaboration withKarmann, but the latter company’s bankruptcy in early 2009 leaves the project’s future unresolved.

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