Electrorides Inc is an electric vehicle maker, based in Laguna Niguel, California.[1] The company founder and CEO is Tedd Abramson. Electrorides Zerotruck debuted at the Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference and Expo in Las Vegas May 11–14, 2008.



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The Electrorides ZeroTruck[2] is an all-electric truck. It is based on an Isuzu N-series platform, retrofitted with an advanced technology brushless DC electric motor [3] and a lithium-polymer battery 65 kW pack US built.[4] It is a 12,000–16,000-pound (5,400–7,300 kg) GVWR medium duty truck with a 75-mile (121 km) range.[2] The company plans to begin taking orders for the ZeroTruck in January 2009 and to make its first deliveries in June 2009 and recently delivered a ZeroTruck to the City of Santa Monica for their Water Services Dept. (see photo).[citation needed] While most alternative fuel solutions for trucks are hybrids, the ZeroTruck is fully electric.

  • ZeroTruck with Supreme dry freight body configuration

  • ZeroTruck with Scelzi utility body for the City of Santa Monica, CA 2010


  • Peterbilt Motors, a division of truck manufacturing giant Paccar, sells hybrids not electric trucks.
  • Smith Electric Vehicles builds a larger class 6 truck not directly competing head to head.

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