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Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.
Chery Automobile.png
TypeGovernment-owned corporation
FoundedMarch 18, 1997 in Wuhu, AnhuiProvince, China
HeadquartersWuhu, Anhui Province, China
Key peopleYin Tongyue (尹同躍), Chairman
Traditional Chinese奇瑞汽車股份有限公司
Simplified Chinese奇瑞汽车股份有限公司
Literal meaningChery Automobile Co., Ltd.

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.[1](/ˈʃɛri/) is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui,China. It was founded in 1997 and is a state-owned corporation. The seventh-largest China-based automaker measured by 2011 output, it produced around 600,000 units in that year. Its products are primarily passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs, and it sells its vehicles under four brand names: Chery, Karry, Rely andRiich.

Chery began the production of automobiles in 1999 and the export of vehicles from China in 2001. It has been China’s largest passenger car exporter since 2003 and in 2011 exported around 25% of its total production.[2] It operates a 50:50 joint venture with Israel Corporation, Qoros, which was formed in 2007 and is developing a range of premium vehicles for sale worldwide. In March 2012, Chery and Jaguar Land Roveragreed to form a new China-based joint venture; as of July 2012 it is awaiting regulatory approval from the Chinese government.

Chery has several vehicle assembly and component manufacturing facilities in mainland China. Its vehicles are assembled in around 15 other countries primarily in factories not owned by the company which utilise either complete or semi-complete knock-down kits made in China. It has two domestic R&D centers and invests around 7% of its total revenues in product development. Chery’s best-known model is the Chery QQ city car.[3]

Chery is unusual among Chinese automakers in not having had a joint venture with a major western automaker for the past decade. The company has received criticism from General Motors which asserts Chery has infringed its intellectual property rights.

Some sources may refer to Chery by the pinyin transcription of its Chinese name, Qirui.[4]



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[edit]1997 to 2010

The Chery V5, which entered production in 2008

Chery was founded in 1997 as astate-owned enterprise by a group of officials from Anhui province and began automobile production in 1999,[5] using a chassis licensed from Volkswagen’s SEAT Toledo.[6] Called the Fengyun, Chery’s first car sold nearly 30,000 units.[5]

The Wall Street Journal has described Chery’s corporate culture as “an odd hybrid of Communist state enterprise and entrepreneurial start-up”,[5] and entrepreneurial risk-taking is evident in its early history. Initial production was technically illegal, as the company was only awarded a passenger car production license in 2003,[7] and so while its first product rolled off the line in December 1999, it couldn’t be legally sold until 2001.[5] In order to solve this problem,[5] Chery piggybacked on a SAIC Motorlicense until 2003,[7] and the latter company once held a 20% ownership stake in Chery.[8] This was sold due to rising tensions between Chery and another SAIC partner, General Motors.[9] Another foreign partner of SAIC, Volkswagen, has also been exasperated by Chery, which was apparently using tooling from an old VW factory to produce a model that resembled a Jetta c. 2003.[10]

In the late 2000s, Chery began to actively seek a partnership with a foreign automaker, a hallmark of major Chinese car makers. Tie ups with both Chrysler and Fiat were touted but fell through. In 2007, Chrysler planned a cooperation with Chery that would have seen the Chery A1 sold as a Dodge-brand car in the US and abroad.[11] The plan would have quickly increased the Chrysler small car stable, and the two companies participated in a signing ceremony in late 2007.[12] However in early 2008 a similar deal was reached between Chrysler and Nissan, and the Chrysler-Chery cooperation was abandoned.[13] Around the time of the 2009 Chrysler Chapter 11 reorganization, Chrysler discussed the possibility of an asset sale with Chery.[14]

In 2007 Fiat and Chery signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of a car-making joint venture. The venture was intended to begin operations in 2009, manufacturing Fiat and Alfa Romeo-branded products for the Chinese market, and to be located in Wuhu, Anhui province.[15] The deal was put on hold in March, 2009.[16] As of 2012, Fiat produces in China with local partner GAC Group.[17]

Qoros, a car making joint venture between Chery and an Israeli company, was established in 2007.[18]

In October 2009 Chery announced plans for an assembly plant in Turkey to be built in cooperation with the Turkish automaker Mermerler Otomotiv at a cost of $500 million.[19][20] The plant is planned to have an initial capactity of 20,000 units per year, rising to 100,000 units by 2017.[20] As of 2012 the plant has yet to commence production.[21] When it comes online this production base will add to a handful of joint venture factories that Chery has in places like Argentina[22]and Iran.[23] These stand in contrast to a number of factories outside China which assemble Chery vehicles but in which Chery does not have an ownership stake.

In 2009 Chery produced 508,500 units,[24] by when it had an annual production capacity of around 650,000 units.[25] More than 400,000 of its 2009 sales weresedans.[26] Production capacity figures may consider engines and vehicles as discrete.

[edit]2010 to present

Chery became the 7th most-productive Chinese vehicle manufacturer in 2010, selling nearly 700,000 units.[27] In 2011, the company manufactured 641,700 vehicles.[28] 98.8% were passenger cars.[29]

In March 2012, Chery and the UK-based luxury automaker Jaguar Land Roveragreed to invest an initial US$2.78 billion in a new China-based joint venture the activities of which will include the manufacture of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles and engines, the establishment of a research and development facility, the creation of a new automobile marque, and sales of vehicles produced by the company.[30] The joint venture is awaiting regulatory approval.

In June 2012, plans to build a production base in Malaysia were announced, and as of July 2012 this project is proceeding without a local partner.[31] The planned factory will have a production capacity of 10,000 units per year.[31]

[edit]Export success

Chery has been the top Chinese auto exporter since 2003,[citation needed] and many of its exports may be in the form of knock-down kits destined for overseas assembly.

Its lack of a joint venture with an established western automaker may explain its export focus; a 2009 report by the US Congressional Research Service asserted that such joint ventures, commonplace in the Chinese auto industry, restrained overseas sales.[32]


Main article: Qoros

Its first car making joint venture with a foreign firm, Qoros was established by Chery in cooperation with an Israeli company, Israel Corporation, in 2007 and may begin selling models as early as 2013.[33] Set to unveil a sedan atop a brand-new platform[33] at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show,[34] Qoros’ debut models will not be electric vehicles (as some sources may have reported).[33] A proposed production base for the venture will be built in Changshu, Jiangsu province, and become operational in 2012.[35] Production capacity will be 150,000 units a year,[36] but the location may not run at full capacity until 2015 or 2016.[37] While Qoros professes its desire to sell to young city dwellers[38] in China and Europe,[33] the brand could very well target fast growing countries in the Middle East as well as later sell electric vehicles in warm, tiny Israel.[citation needed] The company does have plans to include electric vehicles in its lineup.[33]

High quality Qoros cars are built with components and systems from foreign suppliers such as American Visteon and French Valeo.[39] Its engine design also required assistance from a foreign firm,[37] and Qoros has attracted western talent including former employees of Volkswagen and Mini.[36] It has sites in Austria and Germany as of 2012.[38]

Although initially known as Chery Quantum Auto Co Ltd, its legal name is now Qoros Auto Co Ltd.[33] The eponymous brand name sounds like the English word “chorus”.[33]


The Chery A3

[edit]Mainland China

Chery has several production bases in the mainland of China.[40]At least one is in Anhui.[11][41] As of 2007 the company had two auto-making production bases, two engine-making bases (the No.2 base having built ACTECO-branded engines and being “highly automated”), a gearbox production base, and two units tasked with R&D.[40] Another car-making production base should have become operational by early 2008.[40] A Dalian, Liaoning province, base will be finished by the end of 2011.[41] A production base for its Qoros joint venture was supposed to be completed in 2012 and located in Changshu, Jiangsu province.[35]

Chery maintains two R&D centers in China and invests 7% of its total sales in innovation,[42] and, as of 2011, has over 4,000 patents.[43] One of its R&D facilities is in Wuhu, Anhui province[44] and the other, Changshu, Jiangsu province.[36]

Chery has a handful of Sino-western joint ventures, most with component manufacturers such as Arvin Meritor, Johnson Controls[45] and PPG Industries.[citation needed]. But it also has a car-making joint venture; namedQoros, Chery’s partner in the project is an Israeli company.[18]


There are many small factories in developing countries manufacturing Chery models. These build from either complete or semi-complete knock-down kitsand, with the exception of an Argentinian cooperation[22] and an Iranian factory,[23] are not necessarily owned by or affiliated with Chery. Sales of knock-down kits are an easy way for Chery to gain access to growing markets without added after-sales service costs.

Such overseas knock-down factories may spring up and disappear quickly. As of 2007 there were 14 overseas factories,[40] but by mid-2009 that number had dropped to ten.[46] Chery estimated in late 2009, however, that the numbers would soon rise to 15.[47] As of the beginning of 2012, 13 operational factories produce Chery vehicles and an additional three should come online soon.[48]

These factories have appeared in Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia,[49] Iran,[23]Malaysia,[49] the Middle East,[22] North Africa,[22] Pakistan,[50] Uruguay,[49]Russia,[49] Taiwan,[47] Thailand, the Ukraine,[49] and Vietnam.[51] Besides the Ukrainian site another Eastern European site may exist.[22] This may be inSerbia, as Chery exhibited at a 2011 Belgrade auto show.[48]


Chery has agreed to the construction of a Jacarei, Brazil, production base that should be finished by 2013 in a joint effort with the Government of the state of São Paulo.[52] In July 2011 work commenced on an industrial park with a planned 150,000 unit/year production capacity.[48]


Assembly of Chery cars from complete knock-down kits began in Egypt in 2004,[53] and as of 2011 in this country they are sold under the Speranza brand name. and in this country they may be sold under the brand name Speranza Chery.[54][55] One Egyptian factory making Chery models from semi-complete knock-down kits had a 2009 production capacity of 30,000 vehicles/year.[56]

In 2011, Chery stated the part localization ratio for Egypt was 45%.[57]


In this country Chery models have been assembled from knock-down kits since 2006.[58]


As of late 2007 Chery has a minority ownership in a joint venture with Iranian Khodro and Canadian Solitac as its partners. This JV controlled a knock downfactory in Babol, Mazandaran. Making a QQ6 renamed the S21, it may be sold both inside and outside Iran[23] and carry a name other than Chery, as well.[citation needed]


In 2008 a factory assembling Chery models from knock-down kits opened inJohor Bahru, Johor.[58] As of 2012, another factory is expected to be built and operational in Malaysia by 2015.[59]


As of May 2011, a 3,000 to 5,000 unit/year production facility is planned in the country.[48] As of 2012, the Chery QQ is apparently popular in Yangon.[60]


Chery sells two versions of its QQ model in Pakistan.


In Russia TagAZ produces Chery vehicles, but these usually carry non-Chery badges such as “Vortex”.[61]


The Chery A3 is assembled since August 2009 in Taichung, Taiwan by Shengrong Auto, a subsidiary of Prince Motors (Chinese: 太子汽車; pinyin: Tàizǐ Qìchē), a Taiwanese car company.[47][62]


In 2008, Chery agreed to export knock-down kits to this country,[63] and while an assembly factory was supposed to have become operational in 2010,[58] as of late 2011 Xinhua reported that Chery was conducting a “feasibility study” in regards to “moving production to Thailand”.[64]


A production site was planned to be raised in the province of Sakarya, in a collaboration with the local Chery dealer, Mermerler Otomotiv.[20]


The ZAZ Forza

Chery Automobile is a partner ofZAZ since 2006[65] and manufactures from CKD kits some of its vehicles in the plants fromZaporizhia and Illichivsk. Since February 2011, the Chery A13 is manufactured on full-scale inUkraine, where it is sold rebadgedas the ZAZ Forza.[66]


Affiliated Argentinian company SOCMA Group[22] manufactures some of the Chery vehicles in the Oferol factory from Barra de Carrasco, Canelones,Uruguay.[67] The Tiggo was officially launched in Uruguay in October 2007.[68][69]


First introduced to this country in mid-2006, Chery vehicles continued to be the only licensed Chinese car exports to Venezuela as of 2011.[57] Opened in September 2011, a new Chery production site in the north-central state ofAragua, owned by the ZGT joint venture, produces the A1 and A3 models.[70]

[edit]Products and services


The Chery A5

Chery vehicles sell under fourbrand names: Chery, Karry, Rely and Riich.[71]

Chery makes cars, minivans, and SUVs. The parts used in their manufacture may be foreign designed, and some may be imported; Chery has cooperative agreements with many foreign component firms, including the American ArvinMeritor,[72]American Autoliv,[73] American Delphi Automotive,[73] the Australian company Futuris,[73] German Robert Bosch GmbH,[72] American PPG Industries,[72]German Siemens VDO,[72] French Valeo,[72] and the American Visteon.[74]Some have helped Chery establish a local supply chain.[72]

  • 1999–2006 Fulwin/Windcloud (风云) (codename A11) — 1.6L sedan
Recently produced
  • 2003– QQ/QQ3 (codename S11) — 0.8L & 1.1L city car
  • 2003– Cowin/Flagcloud (旗云) [75] (codename A15) — 1.5L 1.6L sedan
  • 2003– Eastar (东方之子)[76] (codename B11) — mid-size sedan
  • 2005– Tiggo (瑞虎) (codename T11) — 1.6L & 2.0L & 2.4L compact SUV[77]
  • 2006– A5 (codename A21) — 1.5L, 1.6L & 2.0L sedan (may also be available with a start-stop system)[78]

The Chery M1

  • 2006- Karry Youyi – a small panel van, Chery A18 – MPV.
  • 2006- QQ6 (codename S21) — 1.1L & 1.3L city car
  • 2006- S22 – MPV
  • 2006– V5/Eastar5 (codenameB14) — 1.8L, 2.0L & 2.4Lminivan
  • 2007- A1 (codename S12) – 1.2L 1.3L city car
  • 2008- A3 [79] (codename M11) – 1.6L 1.8L sedan/hatchback
  • 2009- QQme[80] (codename S16) – city car
  • 2009- Riich G5 (codename A6) – 2.0T [81]
  • 2009- Chery Riich M1[82] (codename S18[83]) city car of which an EV-version also exists[84]
  • H5 – van (Based on Toyota Hiace H200 platform)
  • Q21/Q21D – small van
  • Q22/Q22B – small van
  • X1 – SUV
  • X5 – SUV

The Chery QQ, A1, and V5 (as the Eastar5) have been exported and sold in Singapore. In Egypt, the QQ, Cowin, Fulwin, and A5 are sold under the Speranza name. Chery arrived in Serbia in 2010.[85]

The Chery Ant concept car

Concept/Prototype models
  • 2005- codename M14[86]
  • 2006- codename Chery B13[87]
  • 2007- codename Chery T15
  • 2007- codename Chery B12
  • 2008- codename P12
  • 2008- codename F11
  • 2008- codename B22
  • 2008- Chery Faira[88][89]
  • year unknown Chery B14
  • year unknown G6[44]


The company makes and has exported engines under the brands ACTECO and CAC. Chery engines have been bought by Fiat and exported to the US.[40][90]

[edit]After-sales service

The company has a customer service network that spans at least 31 Chineseprovinces, autonomous regions, and direct-controlled municipalities.[91][92]

[edit]Electric vehicles

An electric Chery M1 on display at the 2010 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show

Chery currently offers a few hybrid and full-electric models, and it has established a tentative agreement with a foreign company for mass-production. China subsidizes oil (an incentive for the State to encourage use and manufacture of electric cars),[93] and some of its automakers see opportunities in less mature electric vehicles because Western companies have yet to develop much of a lead in the technology.[94]

[edit]International cooperation

Chery and Quantum LLC, an Israel Corp subsidiary, formed Qoros in 2007 and plans to eventually build electric cars.[33]

Another company, the American Better Place, signed a 2010 MoU with Chery for the development of prototype electric vehicles to be used in pilot projects.[95]

[edit]Electric models

In 2009 Chery announced it had built an all-electric car, the S18.[96]

In early 2009 the company showed an all-electric Chery Riich M1 to journalists.[25] This car, also referred to as the S18, may have entered production in 2010.[44]

As of 2011 the company continued to pour R&D dollars into this area,[97] and offers three hybrid and two all-electric models.[98] Its hybrid models may use astart-stop system solely.

[edit]Overseas sales

The Chery Tiggo

Making its first export to Syria in 2001,[46] as of 2010 Chery was the top exporter among Chinese automakers, a title it held since 2003.[99] Many of these exports may be in the form of knock-down kits.[citation needed] One of Chery’s strategic goals is to expand in developing countries first and then in developed countries.

Selling in several other continents besides, Chery dealerships exist in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Serbia,Macedonia, Turkey and Italy through the DR Motor Company.[100] Other notable nations where Chery models are on offer as of 2012 include Australia,[101]Singapore,[102] and South Africa.[103] In Ukraine, Chery models are sold by UkrAVTO Corp,[104] and partner firms operate sales outlets in other markets as well. In some nations companies Chery cooperates with build models in their own small factories.

As of the beginning 2011, Tiggo was the most popular model in export markets.[104]


Chery participated in the 2010 and 2011 Dakar Rally, racing with Rely X5 SUVs in both editions.[105][106]

[edit]Safety record

An informal, 2007 Russian crash test yielded a poor score for a Chery model named the Amulet.[107]

The 2009 A3 received a five-star safety rating in C-NCAP, the Chinese new car safety tests,[108] becoming the first indigenous car to achieve such a high-test rating.[92][109]

[edit]Corporate social responsibility

Chery’s corporate social responsibility activities include sponsoring projects to prevent deforestation and making donations to disaster relief efforts.[110]


[edit]Copying claims

The Chery QQ (left) and Daewoo Matiz (right)

In June, 2003, American company General Motors sued Chery accusing it of copying the first generation Daewoo Matiz (developed by a GM subsidiary, GM Daewoo) in its design for the Chery QQ.[111] General Motors also claimed a disguised Matiz was used in a crash test in place of the Chery car.[112]

GM executives claimed design duplication, with many parts interchangeable between the QQ and the Matiz,[8] and GM China Group stated the two vehicles, “shared remarkably identical body structure, exterior design, interior design and key components.”[113]

While some Chery cars are not copies, such as the Pininfarina-designed A3,[114] the QQ may not be the sole Chery model that wears famous-name designs; the Chery Tiggo is criticized for resembling the second generationToyota RAV4.[115] Other model using the Matiz technology found in the QQ include the closely related QQ6. The Eastar and its derivatives (V4, B12, and B22) have also been considered to be copies, of the Daewoo Magnus.[116]

[edit]GM lawsuit

After mediation attempts failed, then-GM Daewoo (now known as GM Korea) brought a case against Chery in a Shanghai court, but by 2005 jurisdiction had been moved[8] to the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court.[117]

Around that time Chinese state officials, including a vice-minister of commerce and a vice-director of the State Intellectual Property Office, publicly supported Chery. The Chinese have claimed that GM didn’t properly patent their technology.[117] In late 2005 the lawsuit was settled.[112]

[edit]Bricklin U.S. court case

An American entrepreneur with past experience importing developing countryautos to the U.S., Malcolm Bricklin, sued Chery in 2008 for contracting a different company after previously contracting Bricklin.[118]

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Chery Automobile

Logo von Chery Automobile

Chery Automobile (chinesisch 奇瑞汽车 Qí Ruì qìchē) ist ein chinesischer Automobilhersteller.

Chery Automobile wurde 1997 in Wuhuin der chinesischen Provinz Anhuigegründet. 1999 rollte das erste Auto vom Band, 2005 wurde schon die 200.000. Einheit ausgeliefert. Mit knapp 170.000 Fahrzeugen, die ins Ausland gingen, ist Chery 2011 der größte chinesische Auto-Exporteur.[1]

Berühmt wurde dieser Hersteller im September 2006, als bekannt wurde, dassDaimlerChrysler mit Chery Automobile einen neuen chinesischen Partner gefunden hat. DaimlerChrysler soll billige Kleinwagen, die von Chery in China produziert werden, übernehmen und unter der Marke Dodge in den USA verkaufen.

Seit 2008 werden einige Chery-Modelle in Ägypten als Speranza Cheryproduziert und vertrieben und stellen eine eigene Marke dar, obwohl das Chery-Logo bei diesen Fahrzeugen verwendet wird. In der Russischen Föderation plant Chery sich unter dem neuen Markennamen Vortex einen Namen zu machen.

Auch mit dem Fiat-Konzern wird Chery Automobile in Zukunft Geschäfte machen. Die bisherige Absichtserklärung sieht vor, dass Fiat Benzinmotoren mit 1,6 und 1,8 Litern Hubraum von Chery für die Fiat-Produktion in China beziehen wird. Es soll sich um jährlich mindestens 100.000 Einheiten handeln. Auf demGenfer Auto-Salon 2009 wurde der Chery DR2 vorgestellt, der auf dem Fiat Panda basiert und in Italien gebaut wird.

Mit dem israelischen Mischkonzern Israel Corporation (gehört zur Ofer Brothers Group) besteht das Gemeinschaftsunternehmen Chery Quantum Auto zur Entwicklung von Fahrzeugen westlichen Standards für den Binnenmarkt und den Export.



  • 1 Forschung und Patentanmeldungen
  • 2 Modelle der Marke Chery
  • 3 Modelle der Marke Riich
  • 4 Weitere Marken
  • 5 Weblinks
  • 6 Einzelnachweise

Forschung und Patentanmeldungen [Bearbeiten]

Chery Automobile gehört zu den am schnellst wachsenden Automobilherstellern Chinas und gilt als nationaler Branchenprimus in Sachen Export. Nicht zuletzt hierfür unterhält Chery derzeit zwei chinesische Forschungszentren und investiert einen beträchtlichen Anteil (7 %) seines Gesamtumsatzes in Innovationen. Diese Entwicklung lässt sich in den letzten Jahren auch anhand der steigenden Patent- und Gebrauchsmusteranmeldungen erkennen. In 2007 meldete Chery über 400 Patente und Gebrauchsmuster an. Dies entspricht einer Zunahme von über 200 % gegenüber dem Vorjahr.[2]

Modelle der Marke Chery [Bearbeiten]

  • Chery QQ3 (intern S16; früher nur Chery QQ)
  • Chery QQ6 (intern S21; in Chile Chery S21, in der Ukraine Chery Jaggi)
  • Chery QQme (intern S16)
  • Chery A1 (intern S12; Chery Ego in Serbien)
  • Chery Fulwin (intern A11; Lizenzbau des Seat Toledo, 2006 eingestellt)
  • Chery Cowin (intern A15; optisch überarbeiteter Fulwin)
  • Chery Fulwin 2
  • Chery A3 (intern M11)
  • Chery A5 (intern A21; Chery Elara in der Ukraine, Chery Alia in der Türkei)
  • Chery Eastar (intern B11)
  • Chery Tiggo (intern T11)
  • Chery Eastar Cross (intern B14)

Modelle der Marke Riich [Bearbeiten]

Im Export werden die Modelle ebenfalls unter der Marke Chery vertrieben.

  • Riich M1
  • Riich G5 (intern A6)
  • Riich G6
  • Riich X1
  • Riich X5

Weitere Marken [Bearbeiten]

Zu Chery gehören auch drei weitere Marken:[3]

  • Karry
  • Rely
  • Riich

Infolge der rückläufigen Verkaufszahlen im Jahr 2011 und im ersten Quartal des Jahres 2012, welche die Leitung von Chery eingestehen musste und welche in dem Unternehmen auf das unverständliche Markenportfolio zurückführt werden, sollen die Marken Rely und Riich wieder einkassiert werden. [4]

Weblinks [Bearbeiten]

 Commons: Chery vehicles – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien
  • Offizielle Website (englisch)

Einzelnachweise [Bearbeiten]

  1. ↑ Meldung auf vom 26. November 2011, abgerufen am 28. November 2011 (englisch)
  2. ↑
  3. ↑ „The Four Major Brands“ [1] (englisch/chinesisch)
  4. ↑ Chery finally decides to ax Rely and Riich brands ChinaAutoWeb-Internetportal, 6. September 2012 (englisch)

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