Honda Fit EV


Honda’s latest EV, the Fit EV is an all-electric OEM conversion of Honda’s 5-passenger Fit. The Fit EV will use the same high-density motor as Honda’s FCX Clarity, allowing the Fit to reach a top speed of 90 mph. Similar to Honda’s CR-Z hybrid, the Fit EV will have three driving modes: econ, normal, and sport. As the vehicle’s battery gets lower, the Fit will warn the driver and suggest turning off certain accessories, such as air conditioning. The Fit EV will also be equipped with a connectivity system that will allow the user to check on the car via a smartphone or computer. Unlike the standard Fit, the electric model will use high efficiency LED lighting and eco-friendly bio-fabric. With it’s Li-ion batteries, the Fit is estimated to get 100 miles per charge, based on the LA4 (city) drive cycle. This equates to about 76 miles on the EPA drive cycle.

The Fit EV will be available for lease in select California and Oregon markets next summer and is expected to expand to six East Coast markets in early 2013. The Fit EV’s monthly lease payment is estimated around $399.



Vehicle Type:

Cars & Trucks




76 mi



Top Speed:

90 mph

Price (USD):


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