Electric Vehicles International (EVI) is a leading manufacturer of alternative energy vehicles specializing in battery electric vehicles (BEV) and range extended electric vehicles (REEV) for multiple applications covering a diverse range of transportation options.

At EVI, we focus on providing highly effective solutions using the most sophisticated PowerTrain components coupled with delivering the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

EVI vehicles include the added advantage of the new Valence Lithium Phosphate battery system, which results in extended usage cycles and increased life span as well as lower operating and maintenance costs (compared to traditional Internal Combustion powered alternatives).

Unlike other companies, we elected to build our own infrastructure, enhance our production capabilities, and establish our critical alliances before taking on the demands required by large fleet owners in today’s transportation industry. That’s how we guarantee the best solution with the industry’s shortest lead time on vehicles.

Our goal is to provide customers with quality alternative energy transportation options and excellent customer service, and to reduce environmental impacts around the world.

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